This project is funded by
the European Union

How the App is working

My name is Rozina. As Team Leader, I share information on different topics (education, health, training and employment, mobile and other services, like gas, water, and electricity). In my group, there are 10 girls, called Normal Phone Holders. I share information with them. Usually, they come to me when they have some issue. Apart from that, we sit regularly in a monthly meeting for half or one hour and we try to find out whether they have any sort of problem and how to solve them. In addition, in the App, there is a blog which contains various information. In the example, when the kids give their exams, they do not know how to find their results. We help them with the support of the blog.
I particularly like to work for the legal aid issues, because women in our community are being cheated and abused in many ways. In most of the cases, they did not know how and where to get legal help. Most of the times, they were helplessly sitting at their homes. They didn’t know how to solve their problems and day after day they were mistreated. Now they know about us, as a platform to be able to support them and to provide them the legal aid they need. We are creating women empowerment.